What would you do if you knew you could NOT fail?

Years ago, I read this Robert Schuler quote in a colleague’s office and immediately knew the answer: end bullying.

The next question was, ‘how?’ – How do I end bullying?

I had originally wanted to create a robust website but this was pre-wordpress, wix, and built-in tools….I had to learn SQL. Through trial and error the site started taking shape. Thankfully, a friend helped with the “nitty-gritty” technicalities but in spite of my friend’s effort and aid, the site did not capture my vision.

From the days of SQL to now, I have expanded the scope of bullying to include cyberbullying. And cyberbullying is what I am most interested in eradicating. This is doable and I need your help.

You can comment on posts and share information/links with others. Also, you can organize events at your school and/or in your community. If you would like to contribute a piece to this blog, message me. I am happy to post your writing, art work, etc.

This site has been created to initiate respectful dialogues on bullying and cyberbullying. Although there isn’t ONE agreed upon definition, we have either witnessed or heard of someone being taunted in person and/or online.

I still don’t know how to end (cyber)bullying, but am going to mobilize knowledge and invite you to share experiences.

Lets get started….

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