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The value of going viral 

Her top ten videos have amassed 3,392,531 views until she posted “Dear Fat People”. As of September 14, 2015 the said video received 4,952,312 views…in one week. Taking into consideration that numbers are in constant flux, attached is a screen capture of Nicole Arbour’s YouTube channel listing her most popular videos.
In a time when virality is affiliated with financial payouts, celebrity attention, and mass exposure, what happens when virality brings forth notoriety? If Nicole desired to go viral her wish was granted. If she has an AdSense Account and YouTube does not enforce holds, Nicole is positioned to gain financially. Coinciding with a monetary gain, Christine Teigen astutely noted that Nicole is receiving undue attention. Exposure was heightened when Nicole was invited to speak on The View. I commend the hosts for not condoning Nicole’s choice of words or approach to ‘being funny’. What will happen in a few weeks when we stop talking about Nicole but the internet has immortalized and date stamped her video? Did Nicole use a gimmick to catapult her name into mass media or is she being mean spirited?
Although certain populations may be predisposition to obesity, creating a hateful video is not appropriate.
With an online community of 5 billion and growing, there is power in numbers and people have the ability to come together and find support. Using social media, bystanders have a lot of power to educate, lobby that AdSense not reinforce such gimmicks/behaviours, and advocate for social change.
After receiving backlash for her video, Nicole posted, “Most Offensive Video EVER” in which she justifies her viral vlog as being funny and satirical. Rather than acknowledging the public’s dismay she scolds viewers for impinging on her opportunity to be comedic. How often have bullies justified their actions as “being funny”? Making jokes or being funny are not justifications for hurting/offending others.
This is a pivotal moment to assess how Nicole will be impacted by her actions. Will she benefit financially due to viewership or will future prospects be weary of her e-reputation? Quoting The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about”.
*During a time when numbers are in constant flux, attached is a screen capture of Nicole Arbour’s Youtube channel listing most popular videos. Numbers referred to in this article were accurate as of September 14, 2015.
2015.09.14 Nicole Arbour YouTube Page