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I am passionate about many things (equality, justice, peace-building, health, etc.), and succinctly stated, I want E  V  E  R  Y  O  N  E to live in a violence-free world. I consider bullying and cyberbullying to be forms of violence because people can be hurt physically, emotionally and/or psychologically.

I enjoy working with others to build a future that is safe, inclusive and free of violence. My interest and research revolves around peace promotion and educating others about cyberbullying. Currently, I work with students and deliver lectures and evidence-based workshops on academic and life skills and mental health and volunteer at multiple agencies working with vulnerable populations of all ages. I am highly skilled at creating space where individuals are seen, heard and treated with kindness and respect.

My professional career spans the areas of law, social justice, health, higher education, and policy development and implementation in both profit and non-profit industries. When advocating or working in the realm of policy, I am diligent and have a keen eye for inclusivity. I am happy to help you organize workshops or lead information sessions on your behalf.

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