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Although there are various definitions of cyberbullying and people have different thresholds of sensitivity, please be reminded that this is a safe and positive space for everyone.

This site was created for us to share ideas, experiences, thoughts, feelings etc. To ensure a safe and inclusive virtual environment please read and contribute to the following ground rules. The list is not exhaustive; however it demonstrates our commitment to creating positive spaces.

This site, eschoolyard, can be viewed by anyone with internet access. This means that over 6 billion people can read posts, see pictures, and post comments so maintain confidentiality and decorum. Do not post personal information i.e. personal email address, cell number, etc. With decorum, professionalism is appreciated, which means no bashing, name calling, etc.

Here are some grounds rules to get started:

1. Speak from a place of “I” or “me” i.e. in my experiences, I think/feel/see

2. Take a night to reflect on your comment before publishing – remember a growing population of 6 billion can read this

3. Be kind – no swearing, name calling

4. Please refrain from judgmental comments. You may disagree with a post; however, treat the author with respect when providing constructive feedback

If you would like to add to the list or have questions, email me.

This was written by Lavina. All rights reserved.


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